Who We Are

The EGS is an international English-speaking group with about 85 members. The Society’s policy is totally open and welcomes members of all nationalities.

The EGS is neither a group of ‘hackers’ (in the golfing sense) nor of scratch players. There are a number of players with single-figure handicaps but the majority lie between about 15 and 25. There are some who play in almost all the 20 or so events that take place each season; there are others who play no more than one or two events a season.  The English Golf Society is a group of hobby golfers in the Munich area who enjoy the wonderful game of golf.


The EGS is not registered as a club (‘Verein’). The members have preferred to retain an informal organisational structure. Most decisions are taken in the Annual General Meeting which takes place in March each year: election of the Committee, where to play, competitions and so on. Members pay an annual subscription. All income is spent on the prizes that are presented to the winners of the competitions at the annual Christmas party which takes place in December

History of the EGS

The English Golf Society (“EGS”) was founded in 1981/1982. A number of British guys had been playing casual rounds of golf around Munich for a couple of years before that. They decided it would be good to make the arrangement a bit more competitive and so began to organize events in advance, score all rounds and keep a track of changes in handicaps. The Society has developed somewhat since those early days but the idea has remained the same.

The founding members were Rick Parry, Paul East and Ray Gregory. For many years Ray did almost all the organization for the Society and was particularly known for his, at times, somewhat eccentric handicapping decisions.