It is an open secret that Bavaria has a lot of beautiful golf courses. The pre-alpine plain provides the perfect countryside for the game: it is gently undulating, the grass is luxuriant (good for soft fairways and smooth greens) and there are lots of areas of dense woodland (providing good opportunities to lose balls!). Many courses have been built in Bavaria over the last 30 years to meet the demand of a sport that has been growing steadily in popularity. Most of them have excellent facilities, fine clubhouses and good restaurants. For those of us from the British Isles used to more spartan conditions this is a golfer’s delight.

The Society plays about 20 times a season, from April to October, of which about half of the events are on Sunday and the others on various weekdays. We tee-off from 8.30 on a Sunday and at various times on weekdays.

The English Golf Society has played over the years at many of the courses around Munich. It has built up relationships with several courses where it enjoys reasonable green fees.